Start with the Basic Training FIRST STEPS video - here


Read the


Read the GOD COVENANT SYSTEM yourself and begin to daily pray through the chapters as outlined. This should begin to build faith in your heart regarding the promises of God and His will to fulfil them for you.


Consider registering
online training program

We have established this training program to assist you particularly around praying the GOD COVENANT effectively and also to help you build your small business. It is not expensive and will keep you up to date with how to see the Lord move in your life through the GOD COVENANT SYSTEM and how to potentially build your own small business by showing you some of the proven ways to SHARE YOUR STORY. There is the potential to earn an income through this online training part of the business as well, because we desire to share the profits as much as we can.

Encourage 3 people that you
know to register and buy their
own copy of GOD COVENANT.

  • Make a list of 10 people that you know.
  • Now contact them.
  • Make an appointment to catch up.
  • Send an SMS/tweet/instagram or facebook link to the GOD COVENANT website video.
  • Tell your own testimony of how this program has helped you.
  • Monitor those 10 to see if they have purchased the GOD COVENANT yet or registered.
  • For those who register and purchase their own copy of The GOD COVENANT book, help them to begin to pray through the book.
  • Out of the 10 people you contact, ensure that at least 3 purchase the book and then register.

Help your 3 member team by:

  • Encouraging them to pray the prayer in The GOD COVENANT Book. This is the key - to help them to engage with the Lord. There are further training videos to help here if you or your friends want to go on the monthly training plan. It is not expensive and is also another oppotunity for you and your friends to benefit from sharing in the profits.
  • Help them get 3 of their own friends to register and buy their books. Offer your assistance in this area. It may take your time, but you are effectively building an excellent culture of telling other about the Kingdong of God through The GOD COVENANT and building a potential income stream for yourself.
  • You may like to get everyone around to your house or a cafe to talk through the book, pray the prayer together, and talk about how they might ge others involved. You now have your own team, training together in a friendly atmosphere.

Share your story
with the world

We are excited to hear what the Lord is doing in your life through The GOD COVENANT.

You can submit your testimony on the GOD COVENANT website to tell us of the blessing that you are experiencing through your alignment with the Kingdom of God by praying the GOD COVENANT.

Remember there are no magic short cuts to building faith in the Lord and His promises so don't be discouraged if you haven't experienced anything yet.

Continue to pray. When you see some changes, please let us know by submitting your testimony.

Please keep this to 200 words and send a photo as well.

Then tick the check the box to allow us to share your testimony to the rest of all the friends in The GOD COVENANT family and potential future members.

Monitor your Personal Account on
the website to see when you
can draw down earnings.

Your points represent a dollar value and when it reaches a certain level, you can draw it down into your nominated bank account.

This may be a very exciting thing to see as your team builds. You may soon be receiving that extra income that you have always wanted.

This is certainly our hope for you - which is why we give up nearly 85% of the profits to our hard working resellers - so that they can be partners in spreading this great news of the Kingdom of God as well as sharing in the profits and helping their family

We will share some of these financial testimonies from time to time.